Find Out Why the Yamaha YDP223 Digital Home Piano Gets Five Stars

If you’re looking for a digital piano that offers realistic acoustic piano sound, the Yamaha YDP223 might be the one for you. The Yamaha YDP223 delivers faithfully reproduced piano tones and it’s good-looking, to boot. The attractive cabinet design enhances the instrument’s appeal and allows it to fit gracefully into any room in your home.

One of the outstanding highlights of the YDP223 is the full-size, 88-key keyboard with graded hammer action. The graded hammer action means that the keys mimic the feel of a grand piano keyboard, with a heavier feel in the bass keys and a lighter feel in the treble part of the keyboard.

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If variety is what you want, you’ll find it with this instrument. The Yamaha YDP223 contains 14 different voices and features an Advanced Wave Memory piano sound that responds like an acoustic piano to the type of playing. When you strike the keys hard, the sound is correspondingly louder and brighter. And when you play more softly, the resulting tone is quieter and warmer.

Musicians at all levels can make use of the piano’s many built-in features that include metronome, recording and playback functions, and more.

Because of its sound quality and its touch-sensitive keyboard, the Yamaha YDP223 is a popular choice of instrument for home hobbyists, professionals, music students and music institutions. Buyers of this digital piano give praise for its high quality build, fit, finish, and sound.

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Here are some of the features of theYamaha YDP223 Digital Home Piano:

  • – Keyboard premium graded hammer effect piano action, 88 keys, A1-C7
  • – Tone generator stereo sampling (Advanced Wave Memory)
  • – Polyphony up to 64 notes
  • – Voice selector – GrandPiano 1, Grand Piano 2, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2, Harpsichord 1. Harpsichord 2, Vibraphone, Church Organ 1, Church Organ 2
  • – Master volume control

Here is what current owners have to say about the Yamaha YDP223 Digital Home Piano:

Michael Berg: “If you are looking for an exceptional digital piano at a great price, the Yamaha YDP223 won’t let you down. Excellent weighted key action, beautiful rich sounds…especially when the piano and strings are layered. Peavy, Robinson & Houston used the Yamaha YDP223 Digital Piano in studio recording sessions. For optimal recording purposes, Peavy, Robinson & Houston set the piano tone slider to bright, and recorded the keyboard and strings tracks separately (no layering effects while recording). The rich vibrant sounds are gorgeous.”

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