Owners Praise the KORG SP-250 88-Key Portable Digital Piano

The Korg SP250 is a modestly priced digital piano with a nice keyboard feel and authentic piano sound.

It offers a variety of detailed and rich sounds including choir, organ, and string instruments, as well as various reverb effects and a metronome. The key tension can be adjusted to suit a lighter or heavier playing style. The piano accommodates two sets of earphones so that you and a partner can enjoy the music without bothering the neighbors.

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The Korg SP250 doesn’t have as many flashy features as some other models. One thing in particular that is missing is a recording and playback function.

The digital piano includes a sturdy and attractive cabinet stand with a metal stabilizing bar. The sustain pedal (which is included) attaches to the metal bar. The stand holds the keyboard securely in place and prevents it from being knocked around.

Although the Korg SP-250 is a reasonably portable instrument, weighing about 50 pounds, it could just as easily occupy a permanent place in the home.

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Here are some of the features of the KORG SP-250 88-Key Portable Digital Piano:

  • – Includes stand, music stand, damper pedal and AC adapter
  • – Sound generation – stereo sampling system
  • – Effects – reverb, chorus (3 levels each)
  • – Demo – 30 songs (10 songs in 3 banks)
  • – Metronome – tempo, time signature, accent and volume controls
  • – Earphone jack

Here is what current owners have to say about the KORG SP-250 88-Key Portable Digital Piano:

Calamity Jane:“I cannot distinguish a difference between the sound of this Korg and my Baldwin Hamilton studio piano. The only thing it lacks is a real piano’s “oomph”. The tone is beautifully rich. The keys respond like the Baldwin, both in touch and sound. It never needs tuning. The keys have the look and feel of a real piano. The sound doesn’t fade no matter how many keys are played at the same time.”

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